Important Tips Immediately After Injury

The attorneys at Kurniadi & Kurniadi can help maximize recovery for your injuries. However, every case handled by our firm is unique and has different sets of facts. Our clients, even before hiring our firm, help their own case by remembering the following tips from the time of injury until their case is completed:

  1. Keep Pain Journal. It would be very supportive and helpful to keep a journal/diary of every instance you experience pain and physical distress. You can do so by making an entry showing the following for each instance of pain: Date; Description of Pain; Body Part; Duration of Pain.
  2. Keep Work Journal. If you have to miss work whatsoever, you should keep a private journal of all miss time from work. Date and Length of Missed Time should be sufficient.
  3. Keep all documents. Make sure you keep good records of your documents, including medical reports & bills.
  4. Immediately see the appropriate type of doctor if you experience severe pain.
  5. Take every treatment and follow direction as instructed by health professional.
  6. Write a detailed summary of everything you can remember about how the accident occurred. Here, you may remember more or less as time goes by.