Elder Abuse; Mortgage Fraud; Misrepresentation; Notary; Broker; Agent Liability — Excess of $155,000.00

Case Summary

Mortgage broker’s loan officer, who was also the notary in the transaction, made door-to-door visit to senior Client’s home.  Client lived with his senior sister and allowed loan officer to make sales pitch.  Loan officer had all the loan paperwork prepared ahead of visit and coerced Client and misrepresented the loan terms to Client.  Client’s case against loan officer and mortgage broker went to arbitration.  During arbitration the attorneys of Kurniadi & Kurniadi were able to prove Client’s signature was forged and dates on loan disclosures were back-dated.  Client prevailed in arbitration and obtained an award.  The attorneys at Kurniadi & Kurniadi were also able to obtain a loan modification (through litigation) with the lender.