Notary Liability; Broker Liability; Agent Liability; Escrow Liability — $165,000.00

Case Summary

Loan officer advised a homeowner to refinance into a high-yield adjustable rate mortgage with cash back to payoff credit cards promising the homeowner that the homeowner could purchase a 2nd refinance into lower interest rate three (3) months after the 1st refinance.  After the 1st refinance, the homeowner was out of town on a job, and the loan officer and escrow officer (who was also the notary in the transaction) conspired to forge the homeowner’s signature on a 2nd refinance.  During litigation, the homeowner was able to show proof that she did not sign the loan documents.  Kurniadi & Kurniadi, in conjunction with another law firm, was able to obtain a damage recovery against the escrow officer, escrow company, and the mortgage broker one month before trial.